We offer a complete set of services to help your band or music project build enormous online presence in a short time.
Find out how our experts can boost your music sales and make you appear highly reputable to record labels and performance venues.

You've put in the time and work to write quality songs. You've rehearsed, bought equipment, and performed. Now it's time to be heard!


Every music project needs a website. It’s an absolute necessity to be taken seriously in the industry. Have one designed and developed professionally by employing our expert team.


Music means nothing if it isn’t heard. Our expert team will do what it takes to get you seen and heard by the masses. Want to take your band to the next level? Let us help you get there


Mixing, mastering, recording, voiceovers, custom music, studio musicians, and so much more!


We have young accomplished musicians teaching classes in lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano/keyboard, and vocals. We use the songs our students love and want to learn to teach them to play.


Our film and video department can do everything from short promotional clips to music videos turning your musical creations into a visual reality.   Packages coming soon.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are musicians ourselves and know the ins and outs of the industry
  • We have the marketing chops to get you seen and heard
  • We have in-house recording & video production to get you the tools you need to sell yourself
  • Our instructors can help you improve, no matter what level you are

What We Do

Rock Stars Academy is a full service music hub. We have extrodinarily talented instructors who can challenge you and push you to grow. We have a recording studio for you to record your music inorder to showcase it to the world. We have a video production team that can shoot and edit a promotional video or a full length music video. All those things together mean nothing if you don't get people to see & hear you. Our job doesn't end when you have the CD/video of your amazing performance in hand. We also promote you through various marketing strategies to get you seen and heard by thousands of people and boost your reputation as a legitimate band/musician.

Not sure where to start? Do you have any questions?

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Rock Stars Academy allowed me to rise from an unknown bedroom producer to a gigging artist, earning consistent money with music. I’ve never appreciated the power of online marketing before and I regret I didn’t utilize.

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